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ATLAS Neuroengineering is a spin-off company of imec, Leuven (BE) and IMTEK, University of Freiburg (DE) and our technology originates from the successful European FP6 program “NeuroProbes”. We provide tools for the experimental neuroscience to record and stimulate neuronal activity and offer high-density, silicon-based neural probes and peripheral. Our main know-how is silicon microfabrication, system integration, biocompatibility and histology.  

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Custom-made Solutions
Can't find your specific probe layout in our catalog? No worries, we design your own custom-made probe. Send us your preferred probe layout and we will fabricate them. Make sure you mention all probe dimensions as mentioned in our design rules on page 65 of our catalog.

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Smart Probe Technology

Our innovative electronic depth control (EDCTM) biomedical probes enables to record individual neuron-to-neuron activity and locate neuronal hotspots without any physical reposition of the electrode. The reconfigurable electrodes can be used to simultaneously map different brain regions along the shaft of the probe and is most often used for in vivo electrophysiological experiments.


Our probe technology is compatible with:

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