E32+R-150-S2-L6-360 NT

Shaft length (LTotal)
6  mm 
Number of shafts (NShaft)
Shaft pitch (PShaft)
360  µm 
Shaft width (WShaft)
75  µm 
Number of electrodes (NEl)
32  (2 x 16)
Electrode Pitch (PEl)
150  µm 
Electrode Length (LEl)
2250  µm 
Electrode size (DEl), material (EM), probe thickness (T)
Ø 25  µm Pt, 50 µm
Ø 25  µm Pt, 100 µm
Ø 25  µm IrOx, 50 µm
Size of the optional, internal reference electrode

Compatible probe layout

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