ATLAS Neuroengineering reveals the quest towards fundamental understanding of local and global neuronal networks using smart micro-scale implants that lead to improved diagnostic tools and new therapeutics for brain related diseases and disorders.

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Icon Passive probes

Passive probes

Our silicon-based probes are fabricated using the latest microfabrication technology and are suitable for acute and chronic applications. The unique pointy-tip feature pierces straight through dura. We also fabricate ultra-flexible grid arrays.

Passive probes
3D Array
icon 3D Array

3D Array

Our modular assembly method enables to stack several single shaft and or multi shaft probes on top of each other to create a true 3D probe array. This can be stacks of several different shaft lengths resulting in slanted probe matricies.

Icon Active probes

Active probes

The shaft of the probe is covered with hundreds of electronically switchable electrodes, which are configured using the user-interface and enables to reposition the electrode, during the experiment, without mechanically repositioning the electrode.

Active probes
icon Accessories


ATLAS also develops and produces accessory components for the use and handling of our silicon-based probes such as headstages, inserters, electrode interface boards, adapters and customised interfacing solutions.

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EU project DEEPER

EU project DEEPER

DEEPER: Access to deep brain regions



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ATLAS Neuroengineering is located in the centre of Europe, on the imec-campus in Leuven, Belgium. With excellent collaboration with imec, the University of Leuven and IMTEK, University of Freiburg we define and develop the next generation smart implantable neural devices. ATLAS Neuro actively participates in a strong cluster network such as MedTech Flanders, the cluster for startups and companies who develop medical devices and DSP-Valley, the cluster of excellence in smart electronic systems and embedded technology solutions.

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